Bring an educator wherever you go. 

My teaching career began more than 30 years ago at a preschool in Isla Vista, while getting my degree in Political Science and English Literature at  UC Santa Barbara. In the summer, I worked as a camp counselor then camp director at Catalina Island Camps. After completing my K-8 Multiple Subjects Credential, I was fortunate to work at Carmel Middle School in Carmel, California, with a  fantastic and creative group of educators. Once I started my own family, I found my way to alternative education, homeschooling, and the charter school movement, loving the passion, spirit, and sense of community this movement brings to education.

As an educator, part of my career included the exciting chance to be on the Smarter Balance team for the Common Core exams. Since then, I have written tests and curriculum for kindergarten-college for McGraw-Hill, Edmentum, Pearson, College Board, and even the DOJ.  

I live in Pacific Grove, where I close to those I love –my three grown kids, friends, two horses, a cat, a dog, and two chickens.  

I bring this diverse background as a teacher, parent, writer, and educator to you.  Please, let me help.