WE are in this together!

Welcome to Wherever Education, LLC. What an exciting time in education. When have you ever been able to bring an educator wherever you go? Now is the time!

First off, I can only imagine what things are like for you--kids home all day, and maybe even working from home, too, during a once-in-a-hundred-year pandemic. No one has had to do this until now. What I am getting at here is that I have so much empathy for all the parents with their kids, trying to work, trying to hold it together, trying to get along, trying, trying, trying...

You don't have to do this without help and support. What is unique and exciting is that right now, learning, growing, and succeeding in school can happen anywhere with all the help you need. You don't have to stay tied to the classroom or this one community. While people have been homeschooling forever, now everyone will benefit from learning in unconventional ways--away from the classroom and with new ways to create a supportive educational community.

I know that there are lots of things we don't like about online learning. But what about all of the things that can work? I started WE--Wherever Educator to help figure out the obstacles and find ways for all learners to grow from these challenges. Let me help.

Last spring, when I was teaching middle school ELA online, I knew some kids and families felt lost in this new world of online learning. For some, the internet at their house was glitchy, and they didn't have a quiet space in their home. Students needed the hand-on-the-shoulder to keep them focus—online learning was not a good thing for them. So I kept trying. I tried different platforms, different online games, shared screens, cameras on/ cameras off, break out rooms, videos, shared screens. I ended the year exhausted, frustrated, and excited by all the possibilities. I really believe that online learning can work!

Crazy. Right?


I was exhausted because of how tiring it is to learn something new, frustrated by my mistakes and time lost, but excited by online learning--it is amazing in so many ways. I'll go into all the pros and cons in my next blog, but for now, I want to tell you about the sessions I am offering over the next few months.

As a veteran teacher, here are the things that I keep hearing people say they need for their kids.

Homework Help:

You don't need one more reason to nag at your kids. Take that off your plate and give that battle over to me.

Organization skills:

Again, teachers are online with kids all day, and still, there is more to be done? Some kids just need help staying organized.

One-on-One/Small Group Tutor:

I am currently credentialed for K-8 in all subjects. I have worked as a curriculum and assessment writer for Social Studies, English, Economics, Government, Civics, US History, AP US History, and World History. I know how these subjects come together for all standardized tests, from elementary to the SAT/ACT. While I like working with students one-on-one, I think most kids work better having a study partner. So, if you have a good match for your child, two or three kids in the same class are better than one when it comes to learning.

Study Hall:

Get ten kids together who need a teacher who can guide them to get that one class’s challenging assignments done.

Extra Writing Help:

Writer's Workshop is where students can write essays, creative stories, poetry, articles, historical fiction, and any writing. This class is teacher supported and self-guided with a supportive peer group. Bring an assignment from any class, and I can help guide the writing process from start to finish. (By far my most successful teaching tool, and it is just as successful online.)


An After School Club--Some kids just want to get together once a week and play nerdy math games, nature trivia, have a book club or have poetry slams, but there needs to be a moderator. Find a group; sponsor the club. I can get it up and running.

Yes. WE sessions tutoring sessions will be online. Someday, maybe, they can be in person, but for now, this will work. Let me be that friendly and helpful teacher that isn't worn down from all the rules, paperwork, and unrealistic expectations. Meet me. See what you think. Sign up for “Meet the Teacher,” where you and your child can say "Hi" and see what you think.

Outdoor Writing Adventure

I am also checking interest in an Outdoor Writing Adventure Class held in Pacific Grove at the Asilomar State Park Conference Grounds and the adjacent beach. I will not be taking payment for these classes at this time as I am checking interest first. All outdoor education classes will require students to bring a writing notebook (not electronic), preferred pencils or pens, a cell phone with picture capabilities (optional), a water bottle, appropriate dress (rain or shine), and a thermos with something warm to drink (optional). Items must fit into a backpack. Classes will be only 1.5 hours due to the current unavailability of public restrooms. If your child needs an aide or needs specific care, please contact me separately to discuss. I want these classes to be as accessible as possible to all students. We all benefit from an inclusive society.

In order to have an in-person class, all students must follow Covid protocols and will only be allowed to remove masks to eat or drink while 6 feet from others and outdoors. Lessons are planned to encourage sharing while at a distance. No students, unless part of the same family, will be allowed to have physical contact. If these guidelines do not work for your family, please feel free to discuss with me a custom class designed for your close family and friends only. No arrangements which do not meet Covid safety requirements for students or educators will be allowed. Any student who cannot follow these guidelines will be sent home immediately without a refund.


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